Monday, April 28, 2008

Summer invite

A few reasons why I'm so ready for summer:

Less laundry! This may be the absolute best thing about summer. The girls live in their swimsuits. They only put real clothes on if we're leaving the house.

Pottytraining! Yes, I get excited about pottytraining. When success means more money in our pockets, who wouldn't get excited?! And doing it during the summer has proven such ease with C and M. I'm really looking forward to helping J conquere this milestone this summer! (I'll have to post my views on pottytraining later.)

Tanned extremities! I WILL get a nice tan this summer! Somehow last summer my body didn't respond. Did I just sit in the shade all summer? Surely not, but I didn't notice how pale white I was until the middle of winter. I must remember the advice of my grandmother -- brown fat looks much better than white fat!

Speaking of Great Gran, swimming! We love taking a little road trip to swim at Great Gran's house. What's not to love about a pool and way too many cookies?!

Haircuts! The girls' hair is much easier to take care of when it's short. Andy loves their hair long; I love the ease of shorter hair. So in compromise, I chop it all off at the start of summer, trim it towards the end of summer, then let it grow the rest of the year.

So bring on summer! I know I've still got about a month to wait, but the warm weather can come early. I wouldn't mind. Summer, you are officially invited. Arrival time is pronto, please!