Saturday, November 28, 2009

Worst Night Ever

Thanksgiving Eve was the worst night ever for the Manning family. It was horrible, horrendous, absolutely terrible.
It all began Wednesday afternoon when A threw up. Then he did it again a couple hours later. Oh no. It was already not fun. J was the next to lose her dinner. After getting her cleaned up and back to bed, there was about a 30 minute break before M woke me up crying. I ran to her, anticipating the worst, but it was beyond that. She was covered in puke. I quickly picked her up out of bed and told her to run to the bathroom. She cried back, "I can't Mom! It's all over my hands! I can't walk!" Oh boy.
She started the trek down the ceramic tile hallway, spewing as she walked when I heard my Mom coming to the rescue. Just as she hit the hallway I said, "Be careful! Don't step in ..." Oops. Her brakes were delayed as her foot landed right in the middle of a wet mess, and down she went. Thankfully she was able to ride the slide into the wall, not harming herself. Then Andy walks out of the bedroom asking, "Did someone fall out here?"
Wow - if ever I needed a dream team of three, it was then. Mom went to be with M, giving her a bath. Andy tackled the floor with Clorox wipes while I stripped and remade the bed.
But we weren't done yet. We were all back in bed when J started her second round. Here we go again. Then after getting her cleaned up and back in bed, E decided she needed to know what all the excitement was about. It was 2 AM, and she was wide awake. We rocked and played until I just couldn't take it anymore. (It didn't take long.) Thankfully she went right down when I returned her to the crib. Finally, some rest.
So what did I do for Thanksgiving this year? Laundry. All day long. Laundry.

Friday, November 27, 2009


It's a hot chocolate morning!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had so much fun making turkeys! Andy walked out of his office and asked why I was cutting out marijuana leaves. So my turkey feathers weren't perfect, but the kids sure made some cute turkeys!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let Me Outta Here!

Poor E. She is dying to get outside with her brother and sisters. When they go to play, she stands and watches at the window. Walk girl, walk, so you can go play with the big kids!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daddy's Helper

Andy was doing some manly work in the backyard. He needed a helper. I love my handsome men!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Calendar Fun

This week we're learning all things calendar. C was really excited about being able to read the months of the year. She is such a joy to teach.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Funny Talk

J is having a difficult time these days. Physically, she's starting to move really fast, but her brain's not keeping up. She keeps running into things. Last week she ran into the side of the house, scratching her forehead and leaving a pretty goose egg. Then at Nana's she ran into the bed, leaving another mark. It's not pretty. I wanted to encourage her to be more careful.

Me: J, I need you to be more careful with your body. I need you to
pay attention and focus on where you are going. I need you to stop running
into things.
J: No Ma. I didn't run'to anything. I just run, and things are
there ... in the way. It's not my fault.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Not only did my Mom keep my 5 rugrats for 2 nights, but she returned them with Popeye's! I can't imagine a life better than this.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun with Nana

The kids had just as much fun with Nana as we did camping. They spent a good part of Saturday creating this super sophisticated city and road system, complete with people, houses, the sun and clouds. They even got to experience Festival La Cuisine de Beauregard 2009 - aka The Food Festival! And of course I keep hearing, "Yeah Mom. At Nana's we did _______. She's lots of fun." AKA - "You Mom? Not so much fun." I love it! Great memories for the kids.

Monday, November 16, 2009

We went camping!

Without the kids!! Wow - what a great weekend, out in nature, bonding with friends, without wiping anyone's face or bottom. Fabulous.

Andy and I arrived after dark Friday afternoon to find our tent upright and ready, dinner hot and spicy, and friends smiling and laughing. Nothing could have made the night better. We sat down to eat the best camp food I've ever experienced - pork steak, bacon wrapped-sausage stuffed jalapenos, baked beans, and corn on the cob. I don't even like jalapenos, but ate at least 4 of the boogers. It was an amazing meal. All I did was show up with my Diet Dr Pepper. We were well taken care of.
After dinner we took a tour of the swamp. The guide led us along the boardwalk, pointing out critters along the way. We learned how to spot nocturnal animals, as well as some nifty facts about the function of our eyes. We even watched sparks fly as we chomped on wintergreen mints.
Then it was time for 'smore fun! We stoked the fire and perfected our marshmallow toasting skills. The evening lingered on with chocolate and talk, as we all relaxed, soaking in the slowness of the moment. It was beyond midnight at the first time check. Perfect weather, perfect night.
The next morning found us sitting around the fire, sipping coffee and enjoying breakfast - sausage, eggs, and toast. I'm not a big breakfast sausage lover, so I passed, but was bummed to later hear someone who also doesn't care for sausage saying she really enjoyed it. I totally missed out on the moment. Can I have a do-over please?!

We lounged around lazily until we decided to head over to the pond for some gator hunting. We got into a mean game of volleyball first. (I just have to say that Andy and I were on opposite teams, and yes we spanked his team! Sorry babe. I'll have to share my mad skills with you.) Then we ventured on our gator hunt. Thanks Destiny for spotting them for us!
The only negative thing about the trip was that it wasn't long enough. I don't think any of us were ready to call it quits. We could have easily stayed another night. It was so much fun!

Our fearless crew!

We're having way too much fun!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sick Boy

We had a sick boy last week. He didn't feel like doing much of anything, but resting and dozing off. He spent a lot of time in our bed, next to Andy while Andy worked on the laptop. I caught them snuggling. My sweet boys.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Window Fun

I was outside with the big kids and caught E sneaking a peek through the windows.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Toddler Talk

It's just not easy being 3. Poor J had a rough day. Tuesday morning at breakfast, C and M were talking about their favorite type of juice. C said white grape. M decided on pineapple. J piped up in her over the top loud voice ...

J: Hey Ma! I know wha' kin' juice is my favorite. It's peanut juice!!
Me: Peanut juice, J? Really? Hmmm ... I don't know if I've ever had peanut juice.
J: Aw Ma. No, das not right.
Me: Maybe you were thinking about pineapple juice.
J: (down and out) Yeah, das it. I was wrong.

Then during our picnic lunch we were enjoying some chocolate when C asked why it gets so messy. Naturally we began calling out things that melt.

M: Icecream!
C: Ice!
Me: Snowmen!
M: Snow!
J: Poptarts! Oops... no das' not right. I jus' don't know.
Me: I think you were thinking about popsicles, J.
J: Yeah! Das' it! Popsicles!

Then after nap we were back outside, this time enjoying dum-dums. The kids were describing what their suckers tasted like.

M: Mine tastes just like blueberries. Yum.
C: Mine is really good. It tastes like lemonade.
Me: What does your sucker taste like J? (no response, so I tried to encourage) Maybe cotton candy?
J: Nope. Mine tastes just like sticky, pink candy.

Oh, to be 3.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dead Lizard

We found another lizard to play with! Poor Mr. Lizard. I went outside to see the kids and the lizard and heard this story.

Me: "C, where is the lizard?"
C: "Well, Mom. I let him go..."
M: (interrupting) "Nope. He's dead."
C: "No, he's not dead. I let him go back to his family."
M: "Nope. That's not right. We killed him."
C: "Augh, M! We didn't kill him; we let him go."
Me: "C, did you let the lizard go before or after he was dead."
C: "After. I'm sorry Mom. I think we killed him."

We're learning how to be gentle, but tiny hands tend to squeeze real hard. Poor creatures that choose to venture into our backyard. I'm afraid they don't have much of a chance.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday Surprise!

Last week we got a great surprise in the mail -- a package from Aunt Kari! She had filled a big box with garage sale treasures for E and a birthday gift for A. He was thrilled to dig in the box and discover a fabulous, new toy. A week later, it's still entertaining him.

A finding the new treasure while C watches.

I was able to distract A with the card while I removed the toy from the box. He's "reading" the card to his sisters.

A and his new school bus! He loves it!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Smelling Good

Yesterday morning at church, I received a strange compliment from C.

C: "Mom, you smell like you're going to Nana's house."

Me: "I smell like I'm going to Nana's?"

C: " Yeah, you smell really good."

I was wearing the perfume my Mom got me for Christmas last year. It's the same perfume she frequently wears that I love. And I love that it reminds the kids of Nana. How sweet.